Hello people!

Teacher, Choreographer, Actress, Singer, Fashion Designer, Accountant, Daycare Provider/ Owner, Hairdresser, Salon Owner, Mom….. what do these things have in common? Well, they are all things that I wanted to be when I grew up (all at different times in my life, of course). I dabbled in acting (at church), choreography (also at church) and teaching/daycare. I still sing in the worship group at my church and teach in the nursery. I took accounting classes in high school, and went to a trade school for two years for cosmetology. And now, I am a mom. Best and hardest job ever, with lifetime benefits.

But I am not one to just rest and be happy with that. Sure, I am happy being a mom. And if, at the end of this life, that is all I have to show career-wise, I will feel very fulfilled. But I like to juggle alot at once. Though stressful, it proves challenging…and I love a good challenge.

My most recent challenge came in the middle of September when my husband asked me if I thought we could go a whole month without ANY extra spending. Of course, I told him yes (I really do love a challenge- we hadn’t been able to go three days without extra spending before this). For me, that meant planning (and sticking to) meals, and finding creative ways to entertain myself my kids (aw, who am i kidding?). For my husband… well he didn’t really have to change much in his schedule.

So for the month of October I planned meals, and I posted them with a quick little review. And people LOVED it! My other mommy friends who also felt like they had hit a rut with dinners had new ideas. People started telling me I should start a blog. I went back and forth, but here I am (that would be the people pleaser in me).

This was just going to be about what I was cooking. A way to prevent losing Facebook friends from flooding their news feed with my newfound recipes (I like people… I want to keep them around – people pleaserrrrr). But then I started thinking of Christmas. I decided to challenge myself to MAKE as much as possible to save money (and rediscover my old love of anything using creative energy). So I made some bows. I posted pics of them. People LOVED it! So, (everyone together now) people pleaser that I am, I decided to do more. I thought, maybe I’ve got something here I can turn into a business. Who knows? You tell me.

So, at the end (or rather the beginning) of all this, I have discovered a love of cooking/ meal planning, Rediscovered my love for arts and crafts, and MAY have actually settled on something to do when if when I “grow up”.

I hope you like it (because it is all your fault that it’s here haha!). I want to find those otherwise undiscovered recipes for you, and I would LOVE if you would give me honest opinions of the stuff I make so I can decide whether it is worth it to take it further.

Enjoy the Arts, Crafts and Kitchen Experiments (or what Elecia wants to do IF she grows up)


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