I think I’m in love…

I was working on my grocery list this morning, and my oh-so-starved hubby was looking at breakfast stuff (of course) for me to make. He came across this (totally low calorie- NOT!) recipe on Pioneer Woman’s website (one of my faves), and we decided I had to make it for breakfast.


Oh. My. GOODNESS! If God is up there making breakfast in heaven, THIS is what he is making (I turned it into an egg and cheese sandwich for the hubby, Caeli and I were perfectly happy eating it by itself).


*********WARNING!********* The following picture may be detrimental to your health. Scrolling down and looking at it anyway releases me from any liability to your arteriesĀ  should you choose to recreate this meal ;-).




Yes, in the pic it kind of looks like burnt toast, but it soooooo doesn’t taste like it.


Enjoy! Or don’t, that is between you and your heart.


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