Go ahead… just TRY to say it without rolling the R’s. Betcha can’t do it now. I know I can’t without thinking about it haha! My high school Spanish teacher (La Bruja) would be so proud.

And guess what?

I made….

my own….


I was pretty impressed with myself, which is pretty easy to do, since I never give myself enough credit for my abilities 😉

^That link ^up there^the one that says “TORTILLAS!” ? Yeah, that’s the recipe haha!

And this is one cooking :

“Nobody’s perfect!, I gotta work it! Again and again ’til I get it right….”

Why the heck is Hannah Montana in my head? UGH!


This is the finished product:


I made them bigger after that first one so they could hold the filling. That first one was a wimp.

I turned it into a Caeli-size mexican pizza 🙂


The Beef, Bean and Cheese Burritos were something I sort of threw together, so bear with me as I have no real measurements. Here we go….

First I browned roughly two pounds of ground beef with a small chopped onion.

Then I drained the fat because I don’t want to die tonight.

Then I seasoned it with taco seasoning (to taste), and a 7oz can of enchilada sauce.

Then, in a separate pan, I heated up 2- 15oz cans of refried beans to get them nice and soft.


Next, I sprinkled *ahem* DUMPED a good size handful of cheddar cheese and stirred it in til it melted.

We are cheese enthusiasts in this house. (Really, who isn’t? If you said “me”….LIAR!)


Time to assemble! I plopped some of the bean mix onto those lovely homemade tortillas.

I know what it looks like, I try not to think about it.


Followed by the beef mixture…

Again, I know.


Then I rolled them up, put them on some yellow rice and poured some enchilada sauce over top.

Then I dumped on some more cheese, which brings me to Elecia’s Rule of Thumb #2: When making anything cheese topped: If you can see the actual meal underneath the cheese…. you have done something terribly wrong and should be ashamed of yourself.

Now that that’s out of the way…. top it with sour cream if you love your spouse (Today, I decided I love mine ;-))

And, as always, ENJOY!

(By the way, I became fully aware while typing this that I had more measurements for ingredients than I originally thought. However, I am too lazy to scroll aaaall the way back up to fix that part… so deal with it! HA!)





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