I’m sooo excited!

….and I just can’t hide it!

Thank you to my sister in law, Brandy, for showing me this site!

I really strive to do the things that I have learned from Dave Ramsey. We are on our way to being out of debt, and are paying cash instead of credit, or going without anything more than a need. Now, though I always strive to pare down the grocery bill, E-mealz has made it ten times easier AND has given me a whole new resource for dinner ideas and, therefore, regular blogging. It is all priced out for my choice store (Walmart) so I know going in how much I will spend for dinners.

Also, special thanks to my Mom for buying me my first 6 months of subscription! I am so excited to see what new meals we will be trying, and I will likely be throwing in some of my own recipes randomly when I come across something my picky eaters won’t eat.

So come with me on this journey! And remind me to post lots of pictures (I am so forgetful!) 😉


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Chrissy
    Jan 24, 2011 @ 18:04:34

    I made the chili tonight. Not a lot left after Russ had full bowl and Billy and I had a little. Russ said it needs a bit more spice.

    Best I could come up with to explain level of spice: You know when you take your first bite of Frito-lay bean dip and the can has not been in the fridge yet, it’s always a bit spicier than it is when it’s cold. This is the warm bean dip kind of spicy.



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