…it sucks, I’m sick of it, and I am ready for spring.

Apparently the groundhog did not see his shadow, which means early spring. Did anyone think that maybe he didn’t see his shadow because he probably couldn’t even see his little paws through the SNOW falling down? I mean seriously, give the poor thing a break! Let him sleep and be warm….

I am by no means a groundhog rights activist, I’m just saying… how would you like it if someone woke you up and dragged you out of your house today to ask if you can see your shadow? I’m pretty sure if someone did that to me, they would be missing some teeth… again, just sayin’. đŸ˜‰

I know I live in NY and all, but I blame that on my parents… pretty much every winter. Then, the rest of the seasons, I am grateful. I mean, WHAT WERE THEY THINKING? Moving back to NY from TEXAS? The only snow I remember during my time living in TX, evaporated about 3 or 4 feet above my head. And i don’t mean melted into rain… I mean, EVAPORATED…disappeared… gone. Ah, the good old days….

If they hadn’t moved, I wouldn’t have met my husband though, and had these uber gorgeous kids, or the friends that I have now. So for that, I am grateful.

I am also grateful that one of my best friends lives right upstairs, so I can go bother her keep her company on days like today (haha!).

So sip some hot cocoa for me (I’m all out, and by no means going to the store today), snuggle up with your little ones, and wait for Spring (poor groundhog)….


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