Day 2

Yesterday was not a great day for goal meeting. I was running around to different stores returning things, buying things, figuring things…. it was slightly hectic. Then, whenever I was home, my poor kids were a MESS! Tantrums, whining, crying, tired, teething, running noses, and I almost got “pantsed” multiple times by kids hanging from my pant legs.

Today will be a much more calm day. A little cleaning around the house, lunch with the girls (and all the kids, naturally), naptime (for the kids, not me. I wish.), and then a trip to the grocery store, where I will FINALLY have completed the shopping for little man’s first birthday.

I am not going to bother posting the stats for yesterday, as it is extremely depressing just to think about. Let’s just say, it wasn’t pretty. Here’s hoping for a much more productive day.

Question of the day: How much is too much for a birthday party (in your opinion)?


Thanks for reading!


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