Why mountain biking is comparable to giving birth (or, Days 3-5 of my 30-day challenge)

If you are reading for the first time, and have NO idea what I am talking about, start here.

Let me start by saying, days 3 and 4 of my challenge were a total bust. My son’s birthday party was over the weekend, and getting that all ready caused me to forget to eat at all, let alone healthy. But I didn’t let it get me down. I was determined to jump right back to it Monday morning. Hubs had asked me to find a babysitter for Monday morning (on top of everything else I had to do, haha!) so he could take me on some trails. We dropped the kids off at my stepmom’s, and, bikes in to, headed out.

Now I have been on my bike two or three times since we bought them in the spring, and before that, had not been on a bike since I was 12 or 13. So my confidence on a bicycle, as it is, is LOOOOW. But I really wanted some alone time with my husband, and it meant alot to me (and probably him), to try something that he loves. So I went in thinking I can do this. It’s a dirt trail, with some sticks and rocks to dodge. No biggie.

I was very, very wrong. The first part of the trail was a hill. I did not know this, so I had failed to gain momentum, and ended up walking my bike up the hill. I got on, and it was a very wobbly start, but I soon gained some confidence and kept up pretty well. For about TWO minutes. We then came to a fork in the trail and Hubs asked which way I wanted to go, while I was fighting a losing battle with bugs who were insistent biting every inch of my skin. One trail, he said had alot of ground cover, so probably not our best bet, even though it was flatter. The second, would bring us back to the car, and the third was a little more challenging, but clear. I was sooo tempted to pick the one that looped back to the car. But he had been really looking forward to taking me mountain biking, and I didn’t want to ruin the fun. So I picked the second trail.

I hopped on my bike, determined to actually spend some time on it. We rode a little bit, then came to a hill. Mostly clear except for a few rocks and sticks. Except one of the groups of rocks went completely across, and dropped a few inches. I nearly wiped out. I am sure it looked HILARIOUS , but I was scared senseless. I walked my bike down the rest of the hill, only to come face to face with a wall of grass and brush that was taller than me.

Little did I know, my husband had not been down this trail for YEARS. So, he did not expect it to be overgrown. It was flattened in a narrower-than-me spot to look like some sort of a trail, but there was NO WAY I could ride through that. I half-joked with hubby that we were going to need a machete to get through this.

So there I was, yet again, walking my bike through this brush, while hubs stayed on his bike as much as possible. This was a very narrow trail, and I had to practically drag my bike through because the grass kept getting tangled in the tires. I got smacked in the face by so many branches, and it seemed as if every plant on the ground had thorns that scratched my legs to pieces. To top it off, because the trail was SO narrow, my bike pedal kept hitting me in the back of the leg.

The damage from the bike pedal…

After what seemed like forever, we cut down to a railroad track. Hubby looked at his GPS, and said that there was a cut-over to the middle school just ahead. FINALLY, some hope of a paved road to ride on!

or, NOT! We got to where this cut-over was, and it was a CLIFF! Are you FREAKING kidding me? At that point, I could tell my husband felt bad, because he had NO IDEA how long it would be before we could get over. So we walked. And walked. And walked some more. And hubby felt the need to take pictures.

HE is totally cut out for this

I, on the other hand, am NOT

At some point, while on the tracks, he turns to me and says, “Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it, and you’ll love it.” To which I replied, “I doubt it. It’s kind of like childbirth. You go into it all optimistic, it hurts like a mother during, while you wonder what was I thinking? This is CRAZY! When you are done, you’re kinda glad you did it. After a while, you might forget how much it sucked the first time, and try again. And all the while you will be hurting thinking, SERIOUSLY, What the HELL was I thinking?!?!?! Didn’t I learn ANYTHING the first time?!?!?!”

Finally, after what seemed like forever, hubby found a spot he thought we could make it down that would bring us to another part of the middle school. We made it down safely, and I could have cried when I saw the school parking lot. We rode (on paved road) to the car, and, of course, hubs had to take more pictures.

Proof that I still love him after he put me through that 🙂

Okay, seriously, this is the LAST one. If you don’t let me get into that air-conditioned car, I may have to hurt you. *love you!*

All in all, though I would have been happier hiking (without dragging a bike), I am glad I went. I got some alone time with my husband, I got LOTS of exercise, and I think I came out just a little bit stronger.

I also came out with the knowledge that I am not cut out for this crap, and I need to find my hubby a mountain biking buddy, PRONTO!

Question: Have you ever tried anything that your spouse/significant other likes that you just weren’t cut out for? OR had no interest in? Please share!

Thanks for reading!



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