Day 20

The past 2 weeks have been quite busy with summer fun, so this poor blog has been severely neglected. So, here is a quick update.

I have quickly realized that I have made it impossible to completely succeed. I think I gave myself a few too many goals. Or maybe too specific, who knows. I am thinking I might have been better off limiting myself to 3 goals, and doing a few consecutive 30-day challenges.

That being said, things have definitely changed for me. I have come out of this funk I have been stuck in for about 3 years now, and am starting to enjoy life again. I have a new sense of purpose, and I feel like I can (and really want to) FINALLY tackle some of the things that have been bouncing around in my heart and my head. I am really excited for things to come, and I am actually starting to put in some action. So, be excited. It will probably be about 2 weeks or so before you see anything on here, because financially, we are still catching up from vacation.

So PLEASE, if there is anything you would like to see (clothing refashions, bows, sewing projects for either kids or adults, recipes) let me know. I want to post what you want to see/share with your friends.

Plus, my comment area is looking a little sad and lonely… so BLOW. IT. UP!

I will leave you with this funny picture of my kids:

Why is it funny, you ask? Because this is, like, take 213654687, and they were STILL trying to look around my head at the t.v…. UGH!

Thanks for reading!

~Elecia 🙂


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Danielle
    Jul 27, 2011 @ 19:55:09

    I think this is awesome! You don’t have to reach every goal right away, but working towards something always makes me feel better and more productive =). Love the pic, they are adorable =)


  2. artscraftskitchen
    Jul 29, 2011 @ 16:29:54

    Thanks, Danni! Can’t wait to see YOURS!


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